Case Study: iPhone App Launch, a leading VOiP provider, was launching a new iPhone app. They needed a video to post on their website that would show their client base how it would fit into their working lives and make their lives better and more efficient. We created a video from script to casting, live shoot, and post-production, of a working couple, working from home and on the road, always in touch, always connected, and loving it.

Case Study: Fall In Love With Our Voices

How do you build a brand or reinforce a slogan and have fun celebrating a holiday. In order to promote our slogan “Fall In Love With Our Voices,” our creative team wrote the story of a love lorn twenty-something who falls in love with a woman’s voice, only to discover on Valentine’s Day that it was a telephone recording. His hurt, real or imagined, proves the resonance of a beautiful, professional voice when used in the proper context.

Case Study: Whiteboard… Do It Yourself?

Anyone who’s done a DIY (Do-I-Yourself) project can tell you there are pros and cons to being your own “General Contractor”. Our client contracted us to record a voice over for their video. Upon fulfillment, we realized as did they that needed help with the visual as well, but they didn’t have the budget. By combining whiteboard animation with screen captures, we were able to provide them a video they’d be proud of at an affordable price.

Case Study: Audio Production Store Upgrade Launch, the leading online store for quick voice over productions, needed to create a splash with the announcement of a major upgrade. Utilizing compelling on camera talent and well-paced editing, this short video introduces a number of new innovations in a user friendly, comprehensible fashion.

Case Study: eGreeting Cards, the First Step

Clients inspired by Holdcom’s eGreeting cards WE sent out, started asking for their own versions. In 2013, we launched a holiday eGreeting campaign which allow clients to choose from different templates and customize them a little or a lot. These highly affordable videos, bundled with Holiday Message On Hold programs and festive Facebook photos, were a big hit and for many clients became their entre into video marketing.

Case Study: How to… Order Tutorial

An online store was set up for optimum user friendliness, but there was still confusion for some customers. Rather than have to take an inordinate amount of orders offline, we created an “ordering tutorial” that was simple to follow and resulted in a 45% reduction in chat and telephone assistance time. A reasonable one time investment in video production can save the salaries of numerous support personnel.

Case Study: Getting Out the Message Fast When Necessary

In a turbulent real estate market following the great recession, a local law firm created an effective program for homeowners who suddenly found themselves facing foreclosure.Holdcom was able to quickly craft a simple still image video backed with a clear and reassuring voice over message, which explained possible options to potential foreclosure victims. The simple straight forward video boosted sales of the foreclosure product and help homeowners find answers in their darkest hours.

Case Study: Caras Training

When you’re in the creative business it’s hard to be your own client. Our busy partner Caras Training had a message they wanted to turn into a video, but didn’t have the bandwidth to get it done. Their staff was busy working on creative projects for their clients, so they turned to Holdcom for a simple solution. Working with our creative team, they communicated their message which we into a script. Images and voices followed and they got the video they needed.

Case Study: Creating Video With PowerPoint

Client wanted to add a custom video to their website but didn’t have the time or budget. Our creative team took an existing PowerPoint presentation which told their story, crafted a voice over script based on the presentation, reformatted the slide to reduce the amount of text, and replaced it with helpful facts and engaging images. Upon approval, we captured the presentation and added the voice over and music. By providing Holdcom with the essential message and outsourcing the creative design and script, the client met his budget and timeline.