Tell Your Story

Your company has stories to tell… stories to tell to your customers, your prospects, even your staff. There’s no better way to tell these stories than through the medium of video… corporate videos to tell people who you are, product videos to tell people what you offer, training videos for customers, training videos for your staff. The possibilities are endless and the probability is affordable. You want to tell your stories and the experienced media professionals at Seevox can show you how..

From whiteboard animation and PowerPoint conversions to whiteboard animation or live action, Seevox can provide you with the visual tool that will help you reach and influence your customers, prospects, and even your internal clients. From eGreeting videos to leverage holidays and occasions to basic screen capture and how to's, there's a visual tool that will provide the ROI you're looking for.

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If your business isn’t making videos yet, you’re missing out on great opportunities to:

  • Generate leads with great content
  • Build brand awareness
  • Grow your social media footprint and engage followers
  • Use video production as a team building activity
  • Amplify online campaigns and promotions

Seevox offers a full suite of video production services for any size business:

  • Full HD Production
  • Digital Effects
  • Color Correction & Grading
  • Green Screen/Chroma Keying
  • 3D Graphics & Text
  • Pro Audio Recording & Mastering
  • Pro HD Editing

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Corporate Video

Professional video production services will invigorate your marketing, customer service, or internal communication initiatives. Seevox Holdcom has an experienced and creative team to work with you to conceive, develop, and realize virtually any video project. We have a number of packages available to suit your needs and budget – getting started is as easy as getting a no-obligation quote.

eGreeting Videos

During special times of the year, you might want to put a little extra effort into wishing your customers well. By sending an eGreeting, you have the opportunity fully engage your customers and prospects and share warm sentiments, special offers, or show your brand’s personality. You can use an egreeting video card to acknowledge holidays, anniversaries, or any occasion.

eLearning Videos

eLearning can be academic or ongoing learning and training for your employees or customers.

How To Videos

If your customer support channels are burdened with repetive requests from customers about using or installing a product, let Seevox create a How To video that your support personnel will be able to use again and again. We know some customers are going to need or at least want a personal touch, but with a well-designed How To video, taking care of the majority of your customers is just a video link away. 

Launch Video for Product or Service: As Low as $599

You've got a new business. Got something to launch or introduce? A product? A new division? A new concept? With our Launch Video, all you do is choose a template, music theme, voice talent, and submit test or text ideas. We do the rest, so you can post it on your website, or include it in an email campaign. A Launch Video will make business take off. 

Product Videos

Nothing is more effective to launch and demonstrate a new product or service than a well-designed video. Create a sense of excitement, build the brand, and make an impression that will last. Ask for more information.

Training Videos

Training employees on systems and procedures can be tedious and unproductive. At Seevox, we can show you how to package even the most arduous training regiment in something that will not only effectively train, but it will build moral, and enhance your corporate culture. Ask for more information.

Virtual Tours

The next best thing to being there is a virtual tour video from Seevox.Where words or pictures alone may fail, the virtual tour experience lets prospective hotel guests, home buyers, and resort patrons see, hear, and feel. Virtual tours are also effective for introducing prospective residents to nursing homes, and assisted living centers.

Viral Videos

Viral videos are the holy grail of Internet marketing and just about as difficult to find. Your video must match your marketing objectives while appealing emotionally to your target audience, entertaining them along the way. It must portray your brand's image without being too salesy or promotional. It's a tall order, but the return can be worth the trouble. If you have a strategy or idea you'd like to discuss, the creative team at Seevox can make it happen.