Video Ideas for Hospitality Properties

Video ideas for audio marketing

YouTube is one of the most frequently used search engines in the country. Many people rely on the social video sharing site as a source of information, not just viral videos. Within the hospitality industry, YouTube can be a way to gain exposure and interact with potential and current guests. When considering audio marketing as a way to drive intereactions online, videos are a key means of communication.

What kinds of videos can you make?

  • Introduce your staff. Create a video for your staff in general or for each department, highlighting who they are, what they do, and how they make the venue great for guests.
    • If you have an “Employee of the Month,” create a video to feature this employee and what makes them an asset to your property.
    • For behind the scenes access, offer “A Day in the Life Of…” videos that feature a typical day’s duties for different departments. You can make a video about how breakfast is prepared, what goes into making a guest’s room perfect for check in, how the front desk is managed. A behind the scenes exclusive is perfect for YouTube subscribers.
  • Feature your restaurant.
    • Ask your chef to star in a video about creating a version of a popular dish at home.
    • If you’ve recently upgraded some of your restaurant’s features, record a video to give a quick tour, interviewing staff and current guests for testimonials about the upgrades.
  • Highlight your guest rooms and other departments.
    • Do you often receive compliments on the decorations within your property? If so, create videos with decorating tips. Often, people want their bathroom to be “spa-like” or their bedroom to “feel like a vacation.” Use your expertise to show them how to take your hotel home.
  • Draw attention to your city. Where are you located, and what makes it so great?
    • Play a round or two of trivia about your city. Did George Washington sleep there? Which celebrities attended the local high school? Start with your local historical society, chamber of commerce, and Wikipedia page for information and references.
    • A video can serve as a view of your town, featuring local businesses, restaurants, and attractions that will interest your guests. Instead of a map, these videos can create a visual reference to guests who want to venture out into your city. 

Creating videos can help your property reach a different consumer base than other marketing strategies. It can help you have more exposure online, increase the time people spend on your website, and connect with potential guests by allowing staff to show off as individuals.

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Updated from original publication date of 10/11/2011.