Video Services for Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals and the Consumer

Video services for healthcare

Pharmaceutical companies are part of a multibillion dollar industry that is fundamental to the success of healthcare services. As the pharmaceutical industry introduces new drugs and produces more complex drugs and medical devices, it is imperative that consumers are properly informed on the products they are using. Video services for the healthcare industry are a beneficial tool for pharmaceutical companies. They can reach out to consumers via a more easily understandable communication. This will provide an alternative avenue to reading the lengthy fine print information pamphlets often sent home with a medication by pharmacies. A video service that went over key aspects of drugs and medical devices being prescribed to patients could:

Explain how medications are administered correctly or how a medical device is properly used to administer a drug

  • Eliminate circulation of false information via the internet regarding the drug, its uses, and its side effects
  • Provide the correct information regarding side effects and drug interactions in an understandable format
  • Bridge gaps in communication such as with access to this information presented in multiple languages

A video service will provide a personable connection between pharmaceutical companies who produce drugs and the consumer. Pharmacists are often left to bridge this gap, but time constraints make detailed conversations with consumers limited. When prescribed a new drug, the majority of consumers do not utilize a pharmacist consult. Even when consumers do ask the pharmacist a question interactions remain limited mainly to what the consumer wishes to clarify which does not provide an overall tutorial on the prescribed drug.

By providing video services pharmaceutical companies can expect to:

  • Increase medication compliance among consumers
  • Increase efficacy of the medication in its target population by eliminating user error
  • Prevent the number of serious side effects or other medical complications caused by misuse of a medication
  • Help build and support a community that is more proactive about their healthcare

Please contact us for additional information on how video services would be beneficial to your healthcare enterprise.

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