Video the Secret Email Marketing Tool for Success

Video the secret email marketing

Whether you are new to email marketing or have mastered its value in the past, adding or tweaking the use of video in your email marketing will greatly increase participation of customers at every level of the funnel. It is now incontrovertible that video email marketing increases sales. Consider these recent stats regarding video on its own; over a twelve-month period, media containing video is shown to generate six times as many click- throughs than that media with out video. Online video viewing has now surpassed television viewing, 84% to 83%. When looking at social media content, video views is the number one type of social content consumed and upon realizing that social media is growing 8x (times) faster than any other online media, this is huge. Traditional email marketing is no longer efficacious.

When we look at the inclusion of video in email marketing, there are some stats that really cannot be ignored. The rate of click-throughs rises as much as 13% when video is just mentioned in the subject line. Some reports show that a customer viewing a video converted at a 400% increase compared to those who did not. And a study in the auto industry found that targeted video content produced increased sales of up to 60% and targeted in-market video content produced an increase of nearly 160%.

The combination of the personalization and measurability that email marketing provides and the increased interactions produced by the inclusion of video creates a marketing tool that is as close to Midas' touch as we have seen in marketing to date. And this applies not only to B2C marketing but B2B marketing as well. A Forbes study found after Senior Executives viewed a marketing video a whopping 65% went on to view the vendor's website. Video in email marketing makes whatever you are currently doing better.

By using advanced video content techniques, such as embedded video emails, you can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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