How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Enhanced SEO - Part 1

Welcome to our Three Part Blog Series on YouTube SEO optimization! Video marketing can be challenging, it has changed so vastly in such a short period of time. But don't fear Seevox is here to help you make the most of your YouTube posts. 

Video marketing for YouTube


Today's post will address how to optimize your YouTube video title to receive better SEO. However, before we begin discussing title optimization let's go over the basics. Your channel should be optimized for the best possible channel strength. Channel strength is a search factor that puts your video in higher rank if done correctly. The Channel strength is factored based upon the Channel's title, the number of Channel views, keywords, descriptions, subscribers, and playlists. Before uploading your file to YouTube you should establish what kind of videos will be posted. Once you know the type of videos that will be posted you can create the keywords for the Channel that can reach the right market. 

After you've optimized your YouTube Channel it's time to upload your file! The file being uploaded should be named appropriately. The name should work with the Channel keywords. The next thing to do is create the title. The title should be direct, simple, and define the video. The title should not only define your content but, should include keywords that anyone searching for a similar video would use in a search. When creating the keywords in your title you should verify they work in conjunction with the Channel keywords. Once the keywords have been determined the title can be created. The video title should not exceed 70 characters. 

Video marketing is growing every day. If your company is taking the time, resources, and money to create this content it’s in your best interest to optimize it. Even the simplest parts of a video, can make a huge difference on SEO when they are optimized. Stay tuned for Part Two of our Blog Series on YouTube SEO.   

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